The 10th Marsabit Lake Turkana Cultural Festival Edition 2018

The Marsabit Lake Turkana Cultural Festival 10th edition will be held on 28th to 30th June 2018.

Marsabit Lake Turkana cultural festival is a thrilling adventure to the arid part of northern Kenya along the shore of Lake Turkana in Loiyangalani, Marsabit County.

The Marsabit - Lake Turkana Cultural Festival 2018.

The south-eastern coast of Lake Turkana turns into a meeting place for diverse Kenyan ethnic groups every May. The name of the lake can be translated as "a place of many trees" and therefore, the symbolism of the festival grows even more. It is a three-day carnival that celebrates the cultures of El Molo, Samburu, Gabbra, Rendile, Watta, Dasannach, Turkana and every other that live in the Jade Sea vicinity.

The Marsabit- Lake Turkana Festival is a conglomerate of 14 communities that forms the bulk of the larger Marsabit County’s populace. The festival was proposed by the local communities who reside on the Eastern shores of Lake Turkana in Marsabit County. It was initiated in the year 2008 and has since been an annual event.

Uniqueness of the Marsabit Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

The event will feature unique performances and cultural traditions of 14 ethnic communities which live in Marsabit County:
El Molo, Rendille, Samburu, Turkana, Dassanatch, Gabra, Borana, Konso, Sakuye, Garee, Waata, Burji and Somali.
The presentation of the customs and living conditions of the fourteen tribes, their spectacular traditional costumes, arts and crafts, dances and music is a unique and fascinating experience –
in particular in light of the stunning geographical characteristics and the limited general knowledge about the Lake Turkana and Marsabit County.

Action Attractions

This is an action packed affair, an unveiling of this region’s talent in sports, music & art in fusion with natural jewels, culture, heritage & historical mystique through the following activities;

  • • Cultural Performances and Fashion Shows
  • • Cultural Cohesion Nights
  • • Cultural Foods and Medicine Exhibitions
  • • Entertainment by Local and Guest artists
  • • Boat racing and swimming competitions.
  • • Cocktail party and sundowner
  • • Visit to El Molo Shrine
  • • Visit to Desert Museum

The event targets local communities, media fraternity, private sector, development partners, local and international professional and non-professional athletes, safari explorers, students, sports and fun loving Kenyans and non-Kenyans between age 10-75.

The Melting Pot of Culture

At first glance, this sounds like a light culture entertainment programme but the three days event will serve a deeper purpose in the region.
The Marsabit-Lake Turkana Cultural Festival gives all the communities in Marsabit County an opportunity for the cross-cultural interaction, harmony, cohesion, integration, cooperation and trading.
The underlying main goal, therefore, has been and continues to be, promotion of peace and reconciliation.

Culture is a way in which people live and every human being has a culture that they identify with whether modern or tradition.
Lake Turkana cultural festival is a thrilling adventure to the arid part of northern Kenya along the shore of Lake Turkana in Loiyangalani, Marsabit County.

Lake Turkana festival is one of the memorable events in the Kenya tourist calendar and it is organized by the county government of Marsabit, local community festival committee, Kenyan Tourism Board, and National Museum of Kenya and Kenya Wildlife Service.
The festival is aimed at celebrating and helps preserve the culture of Gabbra, Samburu, Turkana, Borana, Watta, Rendille, Pokot, Elmolo and Dasnach as well as focusing on the economic development of the region and participating communities.


Ministry of Sports, Culture & Arts

Marsabit County Government

Seamless Creatives & Events Management

Lake Turkana Foundation


Marsabit Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

Fast Facts About Northern Kenya

Eliye Springs, Turkana County

Eliye Springs, also known as Ille Springs, is a remote village on the western shore of Lake Turkana in Kenya, near the mouth of River Turkwel. It is located 50 kilometres east of Lodwar and 40 kilometres south of Kalokol.

Cradle of Mankind

A Skull of very early human ancestry called “Homo Heidelbergensis” dating between 200,000 and 300,000 years old with Exhibit Item Number “Eliye Springs ES11693” can be found at the Smithsonian Institution as an exhibition entry.

Sarima, Marsabit County

Sarima boasts of astounding cultural diversity, settled on a vast region in the South-West of Marsabit County, stretching from Mount Kulal and Karare in the North East to South Horr in the South West, from Loiyangalani in the North West to Laisamis in the South East.