Great North Heritage Run Safaris

From Nairobi, Loiyangalani in Marsabit County by road is a 600 kms scenic journey that snakes from Nairobi through Karatina onto Nanyuki then Isiolo, Archers Post then Merille lastly to Laisamis then to Loiyangalani.

Road Trip to Loiyangalani Marsabit

Direction Details - Approximately 600kms

Drive to Nanyuki via Thika Road. Proceed to Isiolo, past Archers Post. Leave Wamba Junction and proceed straight along the new tarmac road passing through the towns of Sereolipi, Merille finally arriving in Laisamis.

Drive past Laisamis turning off left on a dirt road one kilometre after Laisamis town. The road is a big and well maintained murram road which will take you to the junction of Ngurunit.

Turn right and proceed to Illaut town. Go past Illaut town for a further 17kms you get to a junction. Turn right and drive for 54kms to Mount Kulal junction with Kargi.

At the junction, turn left and drive another 20kms to South Horr junction and turn right. The road leads to Sarima then direct to Loiyangalani a distance of about 35kms.

See Full Map with Directions.

Great North Safaris

Corporate Package

Group Travel Package - Transport and Accommodation - Full board camping and transport with an overland truck for Kes 30,000 per person.

Same day travel arrangement, lunch at Archers Post enroute to Loiyangalani. The team leaves on the 27th of June and return on the 30th of June.

Camping and Meals - @ Kes 10,000 per person per day for 4days and 3nights.

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Hotels & Accommodation

Tilamari Village Inn

Tilamari Village Inn - Loiyangalani - Located about 3kms from the eastern shores of Lake Turkana with 7 executve rooms, a bar and a conference hall.

Tilamari village inn is in loiyangalani sub county, in Marsabit county. We are two kilometers from the eastern shores of lake Turkana, and we promote culture.

This is home to MOSARETU; El Molo, Samburu, Rendille and Turkana tribes reside here and the fearsome changila or the dachenites are four hours away.

Cultural tourism is our ways.

Hotels & Accommodation

Oasis Lodge

Oasis Lodge - Loiyangalani - Situated in the heart of Loiyangalani Town. The beauty of Oasis lies not just in the design and serene environment but also service delivery and a mix of modern and african traditional design.

The fully fledge hospitality facility pride of being situated on one of the most serene area within Loiyangalani and its environs.

The oasis lodge is situated in the heart of Loiyangalani town. The most precious gift that the lodge can offer to the clients is a comfy room.

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Hotels & Accommodation

Palm Shade Camp

Palm Shade Camp - Loiyangalani - Nested between Mount Kulal to the East and Lake Turkana to the West, it is a collection of elegant manyatta style cottages and tents.

Get exceptional and unforgettable experience in this wonderful land of Loiyangalani on the south eastern shores of Lake Turkana and experience the magnificence of its breath taking scenarios.

Your experience will be truly exceptional as we guide you through our passionate land and diverse culture.

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Hotels & Accommodation

Malabo Resort

Malabo Resort - Loiyangalani - Situated within the Loiyangalani Town a few kilometres from Lake Turkana. They give you the best accommodation, food and entertainment.

Their accommodation is superb and parallel. We have 16 bungalow-style rooms with private bathrooms.

Bring good walking shoes and take a walking safari Around the Villages with us. Feel the Experience the cultures, smell the air and leave your footprint in the ground.

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