The Heritage

The first edition of the Great North Heritage Run intends to take the runners narrative back on track, to promote peace, celebrate our heritage and promote national cohesion and position brand Kenya advantageouly on the global scene.

The theme of this sports series is “celebrating our athletes; running for peace in cultural diversity”

The Third Great North Heritage Run Edition 2018.

The athletics fraternity has placed Kenya on the platinum place of honor since independence. It is only decent that we come together and accord them the well-deserved recognition, appreciation and showing a sense of responsibility towards.

This event series covers:

  • Marsabit - Lake Turkana Half Marathon Loiyangalani - Marsabit - 28th to 30th June 2018
  • Lake Turkana Half Marathon Lodwar - Turkana - 2018.
  • Iten Half Marathon Iten - Elgeyo Marakwet - 2018
  • Isiolo Half Marathon Isiolo - Isiolo - 2018
The Great North Heritage Run will illuminate the new face Kenya as of a unique, a culturally diverse, a culturally rich, a resilient, a talented and a peaceful nation.

Great North Heritage Run Race Foot Prints

  • Skill development-Talent scouting, training and promotion in sports & Creative Arts industry
  • Education: Support for bright & talented children.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Peace building in Lake Turkana Basin.
  • To drum up government, non government and corporate support in improving the quality of life.
  • To fuel community awareness & ownership on conservation & environmental preservation matters.
  • Promote Tourism: Expose hidden mystique & natures gifting’s in the region
  • Promote national cohesion & East African integration.
  • To build strong networks as a source of learning and sharing CSR practises.
  • To fuel solution driven local & international awareness of the community life challenges.

Objectives of The Great North Heritage Run

  • 1. To rescript the “runners narrative”; celebrate and support the athletics fraternity
  • 2. To promote peace & harmony in diversity.
  • 3. To celebrate the people, the heritage, natures gifting’s, the diversity and the culture of the Great North.
  • 4. To position the brand Kenya advantageously on the global scene.
  • 5. To enhance integration and national cohesion.
  • 6. Youth empowerment
  • 7. Sports development.
  • 8. To form global networks for purposes of exchange of ideas, development, investment and upholding human rights.
  • 9. To enable an environment for friendly dialogue between the communities, national and regional leadership and investors in the North region.
  • 10. To celebrate efforts by the county governments in achieving their development blue print (devolution)
  • 11. To celebrate the athletics fraternity and marshal public support for our runners as they prepare for IAAF World Youth Championships 2017 to be hosted in Kenya.
  • 12. To support talented and bright children in the region through secondary and tertiary education.
  • 13. To promote eco-preservation and environmental conservation in the great North.

Action Attractions

This is an action packed affair, an unveiling of this region’s talent in sports, music & art in fusion with natural jewels, culture, heritage & historical mystique through the following activities;

  • • Track events includes pre-selected races e. g 1 x400 m relay,400m and 800 m Sports & artistic talent mentorship
  • • Sports education & anti-doping outreach
  • • Face of culture and heritage pageants & fashion expos
  • • Native song and dance mini-festival by regional institutions & community groups in the regions
  • • Magical music & poetry concerts by celebrated county and national artistes.
  • • Heritage League- football matches
  • • Corporate dinners and native cuisine sampling experience
  • • Community round tables and workshops on promotion of peace and national cohesion

The event targets local communities, media fraternity, private sector, development partners, local and international professional and non-professional athletes, safari explorers, students, sports and fun loving Kenyans and non-Kenyans between age 10-75.

The Deliverables

  • 1. Mobilization of Kenyan athletes towards IAAF youth world championships.
  • 2. Harnessing public support and fundraising through “standing with an athlete” of campaign
  • 3. Mobilization of communities for peace and national cohesion
  • 4. Promotion, archiving and preservation of the Kenyan heritage in arts, culture and sports
  • We seek your endorsement, participation & sponsorship in making Great North Heritage Run a high impact affair. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Seamless Creative’s and Event Management is coordinating the fundraising process, creative, brand development, logistical and technical processes in partnership with athletics Kenya and the Ministy of Sports, Culture and the arts .

Who We Are

Ministry of Sports, Culture & Arts

Participating County Governments

Seamless Creatives & Events Management

Fast Facts About Northern Kenya

Eliye Springs, Turkana County

Eliye Springs, also known as Ille Springs, is a remote village on the western shore of Lake Turkana in Kenya, near the mouth of River Turkwel. It is located 50 kilometres east of Lodwar and 40 kilometres south of Kalokol.

Cradle of Mankind

A Skull of very early human ancestry called “Homo Heidelbergensis” dating between 200,000 and 300,000 years old with Exhibit Item Number “Eliye Springs ES11693” can be found at the Smithsonian Institution as an exhibition entry.

Sarima, Marsabit County

Sarima boasts of astounding cultural diversity, settled on a vast region in the South-West of Marsabit County, stretching from Mount Kulal and Karare in the North East to South Horr in the South West, from Loiyangalani in the North West to Laisamis in the South East.